Asmodeus/The Devil on Two Sticks by Alain Rene Le Sage is a comedy about a refined, likeable, but decrepit devilOriginally published in 1708, it was translated by Joseph Thomas & illustrated by Tony Johannot in 1841. This edition dates to approximately 1885 and was published by Joseph Thomas, Finch Lane, Cornhill, London. (See ref image below - its cover design is common of that period.)

Hardback. Good condition, from the illustrated inside cover page to the end. The front inside flysheets (blank pages) are included, but are loose. The back cover pages are intact. There is some mottling but mainly they are in good shape. Some scuffing on the front edges and the spine was repaired at some stage. The front and back covers are in excellent condition with a bit of wear and tear on the edges.


Translation missing: