Before Rain by Ger Reidy. Arlen House, 2015.


"There is a quietness, a poetic reserve, at the heart of this book that draws you slowly but assuredly into a world of poetic gentle asides...The images are fresh and the emotions uncompromisingly honest. Buy the book. It's a wise move"    

- Dermot Healy, Cyphers

"...poems which fizzle like fireworks on a November evening. Reidy makes much out of his Mayo Locales, but not for geographic reasons of identity or belonging, but more as building blocks for direct lyrical statements which often leave the reader astounded at hw much philosophic weight Reidy can give a short 15-20 line poem. There are no meta-poetic tricks here. There are straightforward lyric poems which yield their meanings without undue effort. To quote this or that excerpt from Reidy is to do him a disservice. This volume deserves to be read in it's entirety with the same intense concentration which has gone into the poems' making. Reidy avoids any pastoralism and his Kavanagh-like realism and eye for the particular neither celebrates or condemns his own parish. " 

- Benjamin Keatinge,  Poetry Ireland Review.


Condition: Used. Excellent condition. Inscribed by the author 'to Grace'.



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