Enigma by Robert Harris. Hardback. First-Edition. Hutchinson. London,1995.

Description: " It is March 1943 and inside Britain's codebreaking centre, Bletchley Park, the cryptanalysts are facing their worst nightmare: Nazi Germany's U-boats have unexpectedly changed their Enigma cipher and the  Battle of the Atlantic suddenly hangs in the balance.

In a desperate attempt to save the situation the authorities turn for help to Tom Jericho, a brilliant young mathematician and  codebreaker, presently on sick-leave in Cambridge.

What follows is a frantic race to crack the U-boa code.

But, unknown to his colleagues, Jericho also has another equally baffling enigma of his own to unravel: the woman he loves has disappeared and he suspects ther may be a spy at Bletchley...

Steeped in the atmosphere of wartime England, based around an actual event, Enigma is a thriller of genius: a compelling mystery of codes and codebreaking love and betrayal set inside the birthplace of the secret  state. "


Condition:  Hardback. In excellent condition. Boards are black with silver writing. Dustjacket is also in excellent order. First Edition.


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