Fruit of the Poppy by Robert Wilder. Hardback. 1st Edition. .WH. Allen, 1965.

Description: 'This is a novel of the men of the United States Federal Bureau of Narcotics, of their counterparts in Mexico and the relentless war they wage against the forces of the underworld, the syndicates and the individuals who constantly seek and, too often, devise new and ingenious ways to smuggle narcotics into the United States.

Little, if anything, has been written about these dedicated men who daily walk paths charged with violence and danger. This is there story and although it is fiction there is much more here to lift it above the level of a writer's invention.

Against the constantly changing background of exotic Mexico and sprawling American cities, Robert Wilder has written a stirring novel of the men who devote their lives to the welfare of their fellow men and their battle against those whose only aim is to corrupt and enslave in their search for illegal gain.

Condition: Fine. Unclipped dustjacket. Some light staining to inside front cover and dustjacket, just along the edge. 


Translation missing: