It Stance to Reason: The Intelligent Rabbit's Guide to Golf by John D. Sheridan. Hardback. 1st Edition. Talbot Press,1947.

Description: "Mr. Sheridan drives off by saying that Golf began when Adam lost his amateur status and was driven out of the garden of Eden, together with his lady associate (who would have been disqualified in any event for taking advice other than from her caddie); and he plays a round that seems sure to attract a delighted gallery. The game never loses interest, and impish humour is so well blended with shrewd comment that even its wildest sallies are never off the fairway of common sense."

Illustrations by Warner.

Condition: Very good. Blue cover with gold lettering. Dustjacket has a couple of small tears in it. Hardcover is in perfect condition.  Some writing inside cover (a name and address). Contains lovely black and white illustrations and cartoons. 


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