Love for a King by Andrew Graham, Hardback, First Edition, Geoffrey Bles, 1959. 

Illustrated by William McLaren.

The date is 1906: the scene, the sun-kissed Mediterranean kingdom of Estria. To Quarankol, the royal capital, comes Hugo d'Alison, a young Englishman on a holiday visit to his father's sister, the Princess Farouane. 

But in the Quaranka Palace, dominating the town, a dark shadow has fallen. Full of years and beloved of his people, the King lies dying.  

Love for a King, with its delicate touches of pathos, its vision, and its leavening of wit, provides an apt illustration of Shelley's words:

"Kings are like stars- they rise and set, they have the worship of the world..." 

Very Good Condition. 


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