Malachi Horan Remebers, by George A Little Hardback, published by Gill, 1944 Edition.

The book is a revelation. It describes authentically a purely Irish, robust, picturesque life, like that of Donegal, Connacht or Kerry - thriving in the lifetime of the teller, on the hills that can be seen from Dublin's streets.

Malachi Horan is a countryman of the old stock, who has lived nearly a hundred years in that lovely region where the Dublin mountains rise from the plain. Robust in his patriotism, racy in his speech, in all things typical of the Irish people at their purest and truest.

The Grand Old Man of Tallaght has found a faithful chronicler in Dr. George A. Little, who draws that romantic country, and recalls its historic background as vividly as he records the legends of the people and Malachi Horan's rich talk. There are memories of '98, as Malachi heard them from survivors of that heroic and tragic time.

There are ballads ( He's next thing to a garden thrush, said Malachi of the singer) and quaint folktales - all set down in the sinewy country speech. Hedge-schools, wooden ploughs drawn by bullock teams, fairy lore, unique relics of Leinster Irish, & road tolls,  all are described by one who knew them.

County Dublin, we see, is truly an Irish-Ireland, too. Here is real and stirring history caught from living lips, just in time to save a hundred quaint, beautiful, precious things from oblivion

Condition excellent hardback, includes a pull out map, & 7 illustrations. 


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