Modern Painters Vol. V by John Ruskin. Hardback. 1st Edition. George Allen. London, 1897.


This is the fifth volume of Ruskin's acclaimed artistic analyses, complete with original and supplementary illustrations, and the original diagrams.

Ruskin was among the most celebrated art critics of the nineteenth century. He earned a reputation as a well-informed, passionate figure in the world of painting and sculpture. A lecturer and advocate of social reform, Ruskin would devote much time to writing books on all manner of subjects including travelogues, poetry and instructive manuals.

Ruskin was best known for his treatises on art and architecture.  He sought a plainer, more straightforward way of expressing his thoughts on artistic works so that his ideas and criticisms would achieve the greatest impact on the readership.

Condition: Hardback. Green boards with gold-coloured writing. Boards in good condition. Some foxing and uneveness to outside edge of pages on right hand side. Inside,  pages are very clean. Owner inscription. Beautiful illustrative plates. 


Translation missing: