Nabokov's Dozen by Vladimir Nabokov. Hardback, DustJacket, Heinemann, 1959.

13 short stories by Nabokov author of Lolita and Pnin. 1st published in 1958, this edition is the 1st British publication

  • Spring in Fialta.
  • A Forgotten Poet
  • First Love
  • Signs and Symbols  
  • The Assistant Producer
  • The Aurelian 
  • Cloud, Castle, Lake
  • Conversation Piece, 1945
  • That in Aleppo Once...
  • Time and Ebb
  • Scenes from the Life of a Double Monster
  • Mademoiselle O
  • Lance

Quote from a Review New York Times 1958.  '' these stories adhere to no fashionablemode or school; each is completely original, shaped as the controlling mind of its creator.. they capture .. a profound degree of human truth.'' 

Condition very good. Hardback blue linen with gold lettering on spine. Dust jacket intact with some wear. Some mottling on paper edges. 


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