Race by William McFee The New Adelphi Library 2nd Edition Hardback + Dustjacket Published by Martin Secker London 1927   

Novel 1st published in 1924 set in England and concerned with the class system and race. McFee had been in the navy and later became a full-time writer. Perhaps this novel recounts some of his experience as while he was in the navy, McFee met Pauline Khondoff, a Bulgarian refugee. The couple wed in 1920, but divorced in 1932. He was married twice more, first to Beatrice Allender who died in 1952 and then to Dorothy North.

Condition well preserved hardback with green linen and gold lettering. A beautiful Indian illustration in gold. Dust-jacket khaki with green leaf motif and lettering in black ( encased in original protective sheaf) - part of dust-jacket paper spine is fragmented.


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