Sea Tamagotchi by Manchán Magan. RedFoxPress 2020

Manchán Magan here re-introduces words that might otherwise be lost. 

''As well as the films and the postings of words on social media I’ve also published a book, handmade by Red Fox Press in their cottage on an Achill clifftop. It contains forty of my all-time favourite sea words illustrated by the great Korean artist, Antic-Ham. I was inspired to do this by the fisherman, John Bhaba Jeaic Ó Confhaola, from Lettermullen and the seanchaí, Pap Murphy, from the Mullet Peninsula in Mayo who both gave me words which they said they hadn’t spoken aloud or even thought about for 50 years. I realised that such words needed to be preserved in the pages of a hand-crafted book.'' 

This is a beautiful work of art.

Condition Brand New. Perfect condition.


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