From what I knew of Walter and my memory of him was, he was a lovely quiet gentleman. He went about his business and never bothered anyone. From his time here he and his good wife Corinna embraced the community spirit and got involved. I remember he would play Santy for a few Christmases (he suited the part). They would both go to the pub. Corinna loved to play the bodhrán and Walter would make sure everything was right. He used to put water on the bodhrán so the sound was good. And then I remember sometime in the session he would get up and break into a bit of a dance with the clogs he was wearing. I think his passion was watching the musicians play. He loved drawing sketches of them and the audience as well. He was a nice gentleman for the short time I knew him. He will be missed like all the other characters that have left us in Doolan. Happy sketching, Walter!


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