Sue Barton : Visiting Nurse by Helen Dore Boylston. Hardback. Bodley Head,1957.

Description: "Now a fully-fledged nurse, Sue arrives in New York where she and her friend Kit are joining the Visiting Nurse Service of a large Settlement. the great city is new to them and they become absorbed in their work among the world's most cosmopolitan slums. Their 'cases' vary from new-born babies to their lonely and obstinate elders, from all manner of immigrants who speak little or no English, to the warm-hearted Negroes of Harlem.

Sue and Kit take a tint red-brick, green-shuttered house in Greenwich Village,   but before long they discover the reason for its very cheap rent - the house is haunted. However, it doesn't take these two lively nurses long to run the 'ghost' to earth. Meanwhile, Dr Bill Barry urges Sue to leave her work in the city, marry him, and continue her professional career with him in his country practice. Torn between her loyalty to the Settlement and her love for bill, Sue makes the most difficult decision of her life."

Condition: Very good hardback. Boards and pages in excellent condition. Blue boards with black writing. Dustjacket in very good condition. 












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