The Charwoman's Daughter by James Stephens. Hardback. Macmillan,1923.


"The Charwoman's Daughter is the strange wistful story of sixteen-year-old Mary, the only child of her fiercely protective, widowed mother.... Mary and her mother live in a one-room tenement flat that is home to the rituals of their bitter love. By day her mother cleans the houses of the Dublin rich, while Mary makes observations as she walks through the city. The imaginative richness of her insight makes the city come alive as a place that is both strange and wonderful, remote yet friendly. It is this sense of discovery and the bittersweet richness it brings with it that makes this such an unusual but compelling Dublin novel."

--Dr. Patricia McManus,1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die.
Condition: Very good. Hardback edition.  Green with gold lettering. Some fading to cover on the spine and some very slight mottling on outside on edges of pages.Inside pages perfect. No dustjacket.


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