The Children of the New Forest by Captain Marryat. Hardback. The Heirloom Library,1952.


"When the Roundheads burned down Arnwood, everyone believed that the four children of its Cavalier owner had died in the flames. Only one person knew that Edward, Humphrey, Alice and Edith Beverley were still alive. He was the kindly old forester, Jacob, who had brought them to the safety of his New Forest cottage.

The children grew up in the cottage, the boys learning to bunt and farm, the girl to cook and keep house. As long a the Roundheads were in power, it was dangerous for their real parentage to b known. these were unsettled days for England, and even in the Forest there was plenty of excitement. The young Beverleys had to face attacks from gangs of robbers - it was as well the boys had learnt to shoot. 

When Edward was old enough, he set off to fight for Charles II, and this exciting story ends with the return if the King to the throne of England. "

Condition: Hardcover. Good condition. Dust jacket is in good condition. Covered with clear plastic. book covering. Red boards with stag print. Illustrations by B. Biro. An abridged version of the children's classic story. A clean and sound copy. 


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