The Strange Case of Dr Simonds & Dr Glas by Dannie Abse. Hardback. 1st-Edition. Robson Books, 2002.


Set in 1950's north London, The Strange Case of Dr Simonds and Dr Glas is a carefully crafted exploration of love, infatuation and deceit.

Dr Robert Simmonds becomes infatuated with one of his patients, the young, unhappily married Yvonne Bloomberg. When Yvonne presents her doctor with a Swedish novel, Dr Glas by Hjalmar Sӧderberg, Robert Simmonds immediately recognises their similarity. It is the story of a doctor's relationship with a patient and their collusion to murder her husband and to free her from an unhappy marriage. 'I Dr. Simmonds' he writes in his diary 'acknowledge such an affinity with you. I understand your loneliness, your non-physical attachment to a woman, a woman who is innocent - and your belief in purity of action, however risky. I live here in 1950, you in a novel published in 1905. And yet you think my thoughts, speak words I could utter, accomplish deeds I might emulate.' . In this spell-binding novel, Dannie Abse draws on his medical background to create a compelling narrative in which motives and action all come into question.

Condition: Pristine, Excellent. Looks unread. Dustjacket in perfect condition. Cover is black with gold lettering. First edition.



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