The Very Heart of the City: The Story of Denis Guiney & Clerys by Peter Costello & Tony Farmar. Clery & Co, 1992.

Description: "For generations Clerys...represented the excitement of shopping in the heart of Ireland's capital.

It was founded as one of the world's first department stores in the bustling, crinolined Dublin of the 1850s."  Over the years it saw "enacted on its doorsteps the stirring events of the city's history - from the Fenians and the 1916 Rising, to President Kennedy's visit and the demolition of Nelson's Pillar.

In the 1940s the shop was rescued from bankruptcy by a larger-than-life character who made it a centre of Dublin life. For many, Clery's (was) Denis Guiney's store.

This lively (story) traces the changes of fortune through the years of a much-loved"  and greatly missed Dublin landmark

Condition: Very good. Some very slight fading to background colour on the spine, title remains perfectly clear.   


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