The Work of a Winter by Maureen Boyle. Arlen House, 2018.  


Debut collection of poems form Belfast-based author Maureen Boyle.

"Maureen Boyle writes an elegant restrained lyric She is a born story-teller and mixes pictures and commentary with an ease that belies the seriousness of her intention. Her work is always interesting thoughtful, vivid. She is the real thing." - Kerry Hardie.

"Like Vermeer paintings, Maureen Boyle's luminous poems are intimate portraits of confined lives, furnished with a sensuous exactness... The outcast Hermione, mourning her lost children, is cheered by the 'blushing crimson tips' appearing in her winter garden. Birds are significant reminders of life, colour, and wry defiance in these self-assured poems of hard-won sustenance...This debut - rich with human stories and their vivid landscapes; laced with tenderness and compassion - a fine achievement from one of Belfast's prize-winning writers."  - Katie Donovan.

"The poems glitter with exotic sonorous names: Ipatiev, Disibodenberg, Galatz, Bridge Ghat, Aschaffenberg. Pronouncing them, whether reading silently or aloud, we are thrown momentarily inti an unfamiliar zone a we grapple with the unfamiliar strings of leters. We are led beyond ourselves to imagine a foreign country, whether of the long past or the recent past, to imagine the existence of other people, to put ourselves in their shoes. Maureen Boyle has recognised that poetry is in which the possibilities of other existences can be explored. In that light our own existence becomes strange and new." - Ciaran Carson. 

Condition: New paperback.



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