And Say. By Jessica Brown. Revival Press, 2019.

Description: And Say is a collection of poetry from Killaloe based poet and journalist Jessica Brown. 

"With degrees in English and Creative Writing, Jessica Brown is currently pursuing her PhD at the University of Limerick. Her publications include an essay in the book Jane Austen and the Arts, articles in Journal for Spiritual Formation and Soul Care, as well as the children's novel The River Boy and several short stories and creative nonfiction essays. Born and raised in southeast Texas, she now lives with her husband and son in County Clare."

From local poet From local poet Michael Durack’s introduction for the launch of And Say:
“The setting [of the poems] for the most part is the mid-west of Ireland, a pastoral landscape, a timeless natural landscape of varying moods with the elements in a state of flux, in constant interaction with each other and with the poet’s inner landscape.

It’s a fascinating world—dark forests, stormy seas, surface and underground water, and shifting colours, light, and shade. The range of flora is matched by the variety of fauna: in here you will find swallows, gulls, herons, a fox, dragonflies, fish jumping.

The overall impression is of a brilliant kaleidoscope where nature is dynamic and sometimes menacing, but ultimately soothing and reassuring, a balm for the negative emotions of anger and anxiety

Condition: New paperback.


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