Gray Poetry & Prose with Essays by Johnson, Goldsmith and others. Introduction by J. Crofts Oxford press 1957 edition.

Thomas Gray (26 December 1716 – 30 July 1771) was an English poet, letter-writer, classical scholar, and professor at Pembroke College, Cambridge. He is widely known for his Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard, published in 1751. Gray was a self-critical writer who published only 13 poems in his lifetime, despite being very popular.

This book Gray Poetry & Prose.. was 1st published in 1926 and includes poems and letters from Gray from the mid 1730s to the late 1760s.


Condition very good - Navy linen hardback cover, silver letters on the spine, contains very neat notes by student. Portrait of Gray, is by John Giles Eckardt, and hangs in the National Portrait Gallery.


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