The Brendan Voyage by Tim Severin. Large Print Edition. Hardback. Charnwood, 1998.


"The sixth-century voyage of St Brendan to America is the most fascinating of sea legends. Could the myth of an Irish monk and his crew sailing across the Atlantic in a boat made of leather, nearly a thousand years before Columbus, have been reality? Tim Severin staked the lives of himself and his four companions on following the exact methods used by the seafaring Irish monks in constructing and sailing their vessel. Persuasive proof of the validity of the Brendan myth, Severin's hazardous expedition remains a supreme testament to the resilience of the voyaging spirit. This the story of that epic journey."

Condition: Good. Hardback. No dustjacket. Small tear to front cover. Some foxing to outside page edges. Inside pages very clean. Large print edition. Ex-library edition.


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