GK Chesterton's 1908 masterpiece is an intriguing mix of thriller, farce and gothic romance.  review in The Guardian : In his 1901 essay Dreams, GK Chesterton rapturously advocates works of literature that "present such a picture of literary chaos as might be produced if the characters in every book from Paradise Lost to The Pickwick Papers broke from their covers and mingled in one mad romance". Few novels could quite match Chesterton's description but his own 1908 masterpiece, The Man Who Was Thursday, comes admirably close. The novel is a raucous carnival of genres: thriller, farce, detective story, dystopia, fairy tale and gothic romance. It can be read as a philosophical treatise or a fraught expression of religious conviction but above all it is gloriously entertaining.  

Excellent condition. Hardback. Blue line cover. Dustjacket slightly torn. 1935 edition. Published by Gilbert & Chesterton, USA.


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