The Pretender by Egan O'Neill. Hardback. 1st Edition W.H. Allen, 1957.
"Not since The Scarlet Pimpernel has there been a character of such wit, charm and daring as Dennis McDermott, a young Irish lawyer, who while posing as a friend of England played a double-game in various treasonable anti-English activities.  
This romantic gentleman (or misguided rogue, according to one's view of history) might well in fact be called the Irish Pimpernel, although the author's conception of his chief character is in no way derived from Baroness Orczy's famous creation.
McDermott's most  astute opponent was also the rival for the hand of an English heiress whom he determined to marry in order to harness her wealth to the Irish cause. It was this noble woman whose loyal support later saved his life, and caused him to realise that his love for her was not incompatible with his love for his country.
Condition: Hardback. Very good condition. Red boards with gold writing. Some foxing on outside of  pages. inside is very good. Dustjacket is good, covered with a clear cover. 


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