The Tomorrow Country by Jack Wilson. 1st Edition Hardback+Dustjacket, Muller 1967.

John "Jack" Aiken Wilson (2 October 1937 – 15 December 1997) was a Northern Irish born novelist, a successful amateur boxer and notable literary figure in Ireland in the late 1960s.

The novel is set in Northern Ireland in Ulster and tells the story of a family who gained their land under Elizabethan rule and  the original occupants were forced out. Written in 1967 as the Civil rights movement for Catholics who were discriminated while Presbyterians held power. This tension between religious affiliation is echoed by between the main character Kenneth Cameron, who expects to inherit the estate but is challenged by his brother. 

Condition excellent. . 1st Edition Hardback in orange with gold lettering on the spine+Dustjacket, excellent condition very slight wear on the edge.


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