A remarkable first novel and a powerful story of an unforgettable bond.

Despite her reservations, Eileen left her contented small-town life in Ireland to be with her husband Tim O'Hagan in colonial Malaya. Her early tentative though hopeful expectations were shattered by the death of their daughter. Malaya, Eileen said, had killed her. Tim could not agree.

Now Tim, the stranger, the hero, is home. He is old and waiting to die. Trapped in a body that barely functions, and disillusioned to the point of despair, he reviews the story of his life. A misplaced couple from Ireland, a marriage turned sour, a career as a civil servant, four years as a prisoner-of-war, set against a backdrop of the unforgettable romance Tim has with mysterious Malaya, its people, its jungle.


About the author

Born in Malaya in 1934, Fergus Linehan has been film critic and arts editor of The Irish Times. He has written extensively about the arts and is the author of plays, musicals and comedy material for radio and television. He lives in Dublin with his wife, the actress Rosaleen Linehan, and has a daughter, three sons and a grandson. Under the Durian Tree is his first novel.

Condition: Good. Secondhand. 1st Edition. Dustjacket intact. Published by Macmillan.


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